BPL Africa Connect
Strategic Agility in a dynamic Environment
BPL Africa Connect
The Catalyst for Billion-Dollar Enterprises in Africa.
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BPL Africa Connect
The Catalyst for Billion-Dollar Enterprises in Africa.
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BPL Africa Connect
Bridging Potential with Proven Expertise.
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Who We Are:

Our Mission

BPL Africa Connect goes beyond being just a business platform; it stands as the nucleus for revolutionizing Africa’s entrepreneurial ethos. Our mission is to unlock Africa’s boundless growth potential by facilitating connections and fostering growth-oriented dialogues among businesses and leaders. Through this, we aim to fuel long-term development across various sectors. Our vision is to elevate Africa’s productive prowess by synergizing its abundant human talent with actionable strategies, propelling unprecedented commercial advancement.

Our Approach

The narrative of “Africa as the next growth engine” has been echoed for over a decade, yet its realization remains elusive for many. Despite a collective understanding of the continent’s macroeconomic prospects, only a select few companies have effectively translated this potential into tangible success.

Many are familiar with the macro-economic landscape and its challenges, yet few have truly mastered the intricacies of these dynamic markets to achieve significant success. We specialize in facilitating connections with organizations that have successfully harnessed these promising opportunities and expanded their businesses. Our network includes companies that have transitioned from local competition to global prominence, offering valuable insights and strategies for business organizations.

What We Do
Our Value Proposition to Clients:

A Catalyst for Billion Dollar enterprises in Africa
Our approach? Crafting localized solutions that resonate globally.


Key insights to scale from local hero to global pioneer


Blueprints across sectors, delivered first-hand by Africa's luminaries.


Direct access to subject matter experts who've walked the talk.
Their mission? Guiding you on your billion-dollar journey.


Drawing motivation from real-world success stories — the tales of enterprises that have metamorphosed into global champions.


This isn't just networking; it's alliance-building. Form bonds with those who've been there and done that, and investors actively seeking the next big thing.


We foster connections between our network and business opportunities through membership, a dynamic events program, tailored opportunities and mentor matched for members.

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