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About Us.

We are a catalyst for Billion-Dollar Enterprises & Potential with Proven Expertise Company.

About Us

The Catalyst for Billion-Dollar Enterprises in Africa.

A dynamic & strategic business platform routed on unlocking Africa’s growth potential by facilitating connections and fostering growth-oriented dialogues among businesses and leaders.

Our Mission

BPL Africa Connect goes beyond being just a business platform; it stands as the nucleus for revolutionizing Africa’s entrepreneurial ethos. Our mission is to unlock Africa’s boundless growth potential by facilitating connections and fostering growth-oriented dialogues among businesses and leaders. Through this, we aim to fuel long-term development across various sectors. Our vision is to elevate Africa’s productive prowess by synergizing its abundant human talent with actionable strategies, propelling unprecedented commercial advancement.

Our Approach

The narrative of “Africa as the next growth engine” has been echoed for over a decade, yet its realization remains elusive for many. Despite a collective understanding of the continent’s macroeconomic prospects, only a select few companies have effectively translated this potential into tangible success.

Many are familiar with the macro-economic landscape and its challenges, yet few have truly mastered the intricacies of these dynamic markets to achieve significant success. We specialize in facilitating connections with organizations that have successfully harnessed these promising opportunities and expanded their businesses. Our network includes companies that have transitioned from local competition to global prominence, offering valuable insights and strategies for business organizations.

Our Value Proposition to Clients:

Being able to provide top-notch service for effective business models.


Actionable insights to scale from local reach to global reach to grow your business into a billion dollar business


Blueprints from across sectors, delivered first-hand by Africa's accomplished business owners


Direct access to subject matter experts who've walked the talk. Their mission? Guiding you on your billion-dollar journey.


Drawing motivation from real-world success stories — the tales of enterprises that have become global leading businesses.


This isn't just networking; it's alliance-building. Form bonds with those who've been there and done that, and investors actively seeking the next big thing.

Meet the Team
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Lionel Marumahoko
Entrepreneur, Executive Advisor & Leadership Speaker
Guillaume Gingembre
Associate Partner - Investment
& Finance
Mark Wright
Associate Partner – Strategy, Operational Excellence
Victoria Shumba
Marketing & PR Associate partner
Munyaradzi Makuyana
Munyaradzi Sharon Mukanya
Marketing Associate Partner
Associate Partner - Strategy & Commercial

Lionel Marumahoko is an Executive coach, Leadership Speaker, and Business Advisor who specialises in complex transformation growth and new market entry in Africa. He’s a former C-Suite executive in a Fortune 500 company, who has a wealth of business experience spanning over 30 years across Africa, Europe, the USA, and Asia. Following his ‘retirement’ in 2018, he’s continued his success as an Entrepreneur, Board Member, Philanthropist, and Business Coach.

A career financial analyst, strategist, investor and fund manager.He holds a Bachelor in Commerce from McGill University, aMasters in Finance from London Business School and a Degreein Farm Management.

He has experience with Lehman Brothers, Tokyo office, andspent several years as an investment analysis with a large valueonly equity fund.

For the past 15 years he has managed his own funds, focusing on market inefficiencies in frontier market debt. Additionally, since 2014, Guillaume is also managing his family’s money, investing in equity, bonds, and selected international funds.

He owns and operates a farm in central France, having recently planted a significant quantity of Cognac varieties as both investment and hobby.

Thirty years of International Executive management experience at Managing Director, General Management and Divisional Executive level, with Blue Chip Corporate, expansion/development initiation projects, and medium sized foundation early stage business development.
My career spans across Manufacturing, Service Sector Distribution, FMCG, Marketing, and Innovative Product Development. Apart from structured Corporate experience I have held the management role in two businesses Equity Partnerships leading to eventual sale of the enterprises. My most recent project is as the managing and founding partner in a European company building substantial leadership in the innovative wellness and healthcare sector.

Victoria Emely Shumba is a highly organized and resourceful Business Development and Marketing with advanced brand awareness, fundraising, sales, and marketing skills. With extensive experience in attracting sponsors and corporate partners for large venues and special events, she excels in implementing systematic processes for powerful marketing campaigns. Victoria is proficient in Microsoft Office, personnel management, budget development, online marketing, social media marketing, vendor management, search engine optimization, digital marketing, database management, database marketing, email marketing, direct mail, Google AdWords, and Google Analytics.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration Banking and Finance from the National University of Science &; Technology in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration Marketing from Charles Sturt University in Sydney, Australia. Additionally, she has obtained diplomas in Business Administration and Business Marketing from Martin College SGA in Sydney.

Mykay is a seasoned business executive and entrepreneur with expertise across the FMCG, Financial Services, Creative, and Technology sectors. He has served in various capacities, from executive positions in global organisations to general management roles in SMEs and startups.

Mykay is distinguished by his proficiency in commercial and transformational roles, his strategic acumen, focus on execution, and dedication to ethical business practices. He thrives on international assignments, having worked in over ten countries and achieved success in demanding and challenging environments.

As a professional chartered accountant, Mykay trained with Coopers & Lybrand UK and then Price Waterhouse USA. His career includes senior management positions at Coca-Cola, Aviva Insurance, and Lloyds Bank. Additionally, Mykay has played a pivotal role in the inception of new ventures such as Studio Something and Welbot.